What does VuL do?

VuL is a fuel delivery service that provides convenience and peace of mind to customers by eliminating the need to visit the gas station. We bring the gas to your parked vehicle at work or home. 

Where is VuL?

VuL currently operates in the Upstate South Carolina Area. We are planning to launch in more cities in the near future! If you are interested in bringing VuL to your area or have another inquiry, please contact us at Info@dumpthepumpnow.com

How do you access my fuel tank?

If your vehicle has a locking fuel door, we ask that you leave it slightly ajar when you park your car before your service appointment. The VuL Fueling Specialist will close it when your fill-up is complete. 

Do I need to wait at my vehicle?

Nope! We come to your vehicle while you do what you need to do. You are welcome to be present, of course - our drivers would love to meet you!

Where do you source your gas from?

We source all of our fuel from Top Tier certified suppliers (www.toptiergas.com). Only the best for our best customers!

How much does VuL cost?

When you decide to VuL, you become a member of our community. For $24.99/month, your membership includes discounts on fuel prices, free weekly fuel and service deliveries, and more! Members pay for the cost of gas, but since our gas prices are synced to the local AAA average you know you are getting the best deal. Our other services are competitively priced and performed by licensed operators. For complete information on services, please check the VuL app.

Can I offer VuL to my employees?

Yes! Many companies already offer this type of service as a benefit to their employees. Employers can cover the monthly membership fee for employees and employees will cover the cost of fuel and other services. Please contact Info@dumpthepumpnow.com for more information on how to bring VuL to your company.

Can I give VuL as a gift?

Yes! Vul makes a great gift for that person in your life who appreciates the little things. You can purchase a gift membership and additional services on our Get VuL Page